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Beekeeping course full day (Theory & Practical)


Includes theory and practical session.

Refreshments and lunch is included in the price.

TABLE OF CONTENTS …………………………………..


Who am I and why am I here?

History of the honey bee and its importance.

What you need to work a bee hive and how to use it successfully

Deconstructing the hive and its hardware.

Protective wear, Hive tools and smokers.

Bee Biology – Genetics, breeding cycle and hive structure

Hive structure… What goes where and why.

Starting at the egg of a worker bee.

Queen bees and swarm cells.

Drone bees and their brood.

Maintaining good genetics.

The productive side of bees

Honey, Wax, Pollen, Propolis etc.

Swarm removal and relocation.

Pollination and moving of a bee hive.

Hive health and survival

Characteristics of a healthy hive.

Characteristics of a dead hive.

Forage, flight range and weather conditions.

Challenges bees has to face (pests)

Foulbrood (AFB and EFB)


Hive beetles.

Varroa mites.

Wax moth.

Wildlife and vandalism.

Book scorpion (Benefits)

Topic discussions and best practices

Day-to-day operations for a productive operation.

Digestive system, feeding and diet requirements.