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Small Hive Beetle Trap – Reusable


  • One central bait and trap section. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a bait material.
  • No poisons, no pesticides.
  • Will also trap earwigs and other small insect pests inside hive.
  • Safe for larvae, queen, workers, and drones.
  • Easy installation, hang over top bar of frame. Install between the first two and the last two frames in the brood chamber.
  • Can be used with mineral oil, vegetable oil, hydrated lime, or dry capture. Mineral Oil or vegetable oil can go rancid, especially after capturing a few beetles. The odor of the dead beetles repels other beetles from the trap. Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide, slaked lime) does not create an odor from dead beetles. Lime works by dehydrating the body of the beetle.